Teega Suites Pool Closure

Date : 21st June 2019
To : Teega Residents & Owners
From : The Management

Dear Residents,

Ref: Teega Suites Pool Closure

Refer to the matter above, please be informed that lap pool at Teega Suites shall be closed temporary for defect rectification works by Developer’s service provider.

Duration of closure from 24th June 2019 to 29th June 2019.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Do email teega.general@uemedgenta.uemnet.com or walk-in to the office for enquiry.

Thanks for your attention.

David Lim
Community Manager
Contact Number  : 07-5539868 (Teega Suite)
                            :  07-5099965 (Teega Residence)

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