Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – updated on 01/01/2021

1. Water meter minimum charge of RM10.00 query.
(a) What is the usage of water before the amount goes beyond RM10.00?
[ANSWER] Minimum Water Charges (RM10.00) is for the first 6 cubic meter.

(b) How is the rate calculated after the minimum charge?
[ANSWER]  After 6 cubic meter, the total water usage shall be multiplied by RM1.60 per cubic meter.
For eg., if 6 meter cubic used, the water charge shall be RM10.00 and if 12 meter cubic used, the water charge shall be 12xRM1.60 = RM19.20.

2. Indah Water bill query.
(a) What is Indah Water bill for?
[ANSWER] Indah Water bill is for sewerage charges imposed by Indah Water Konsortium (IWK)
Related to water usage or a standard imposed by govt (not Teega mgmt).

(b)  Who is Indah Water Konsortium?
[ANSWER] Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd. (doing business as Indah Water or IWK) is a Malaysian national wastewater and sanitation company. It is a government-owned company under the Minister of Finance Incorporated, which has the task of developing and maintaining a modern and efficient sewerage system for West Malaysia.

 (c) Can I pay IWK bill on-line?

Feedback from one of the parcel owner in Teega
“According to IWK, if your unit is empty during the period of charges (billing months from July’20 to Dec’20) , you can request for waiver by producing proof that show the water meter reading is the same throughout.”

3. Property Tax (Cukai Harta) query.

(a) Who is charging property for Teega?
[ANSWER] Majlis Bandaraya Inskandar Puteri (MBIP).

(b) Can I pay Property Tax on-line?
[ANSWER] YES. However, you will require to have your property tax account number for registering online or paying online. You can contact Majlis Bandaraya Inskandar Puteri (+607 – 555 5000 / +607 – 556 8007 or admin@mbip@gov.my) to retrieve the required info

To pay online ;

4. Maximum allowable occupants per unit & Visitor query

(a) How many person can reside in my unit in Teega?
[ANSWER] In accordance with Teega additional by-laws, section 2.1 (d) , kindly refer to the table below.

(b) Are visitors allowed during CMCO / RMCO period?
[ANSWER] Yes for relevant matters only, however please register(48 hours before using Form7) with Management if your visitor/relative intend to stay over in your unit.
Note : Form 7 can be downloaded from teega.com.my/forms
In order to enter, visitors must adhere to our Covid-19 prevention SOP.
(a) Mandatory to wear a proper face mask at all time when at common property.
(b) Mandatory to scan Mysejahtera QR code or Teega QR code.
(c) Mandatory to perform body temperature check and if exceeding 37.5°C shall be barred from entering the premise.
(d) No social gathering at common areas and a minimum of 1.5meter social distancing is mandatory.