Season Car Parking & Motorbike Sticker

Date : 31st July 2019
To : Teega Residents & Owners
From : The Management

Dear Residents & Owners,

Ref : Season Car Parking & Motorbike Sticker

Refer to the matter above, we are pleased to announce that the Season Car Parking is open for application on “first come, first served” basis starting 1st August 2019.
Total available slots are as follow ;
(a) Teega Residence : P4 Level (4 Lots) , P5 Level (50 Lots)
(b) Teega Suites : P4 Level (17 Lots)

Monthly fee of rental is RM150.00(One Hundred Fifty Only) and a minimum of 3 months rental is required.
Barrier access card shall be provided with a deposit fee of RM50.00 (Fifty Only) and shall be refunded when the card is returned back.

If you are keen to apply for the Season Car Parking, kindly complete Form 11 which can be downloaded from .

As for the Motorbike Sticker, please obtain it from the management office as the enforcement shall start from 1st September 2019.
Do email or walk-in to the office for enquiry.

Thanks for your attention.

David Lim
Community Manager
Contact Number  : 07-5539868 (Suites) / 07-5099965 (Residence)

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