Water Disruption at Tower Suites (Level 7 to Level ED)

Date : 8th August 2019
To : Teega Residents,
From : The Management

Dear Residents,

Ref : Water Disruption at Tower Suites

Please be informed that, there will be water disruption in Tower Suites on 9th August 2019 due to rectification works to fix the PVC Piping (dropper pipe) leakage at Tower Suites Level 7. The developer contractor shall temporarily stop the water supply and affected users units shall be from Level 7 to Level ED.

The rectification work shall commence from 10:00 a.m until 8.00 p.m

“As such, please conserve water for your own usage

Should you have any enquiry or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the management during working hours or email : teega.genaral@teega.com.my

We apologize for any inconvenience caused

Thanks for your attention.

David Lim
Community Manager
Contact Number  :
07-5539868 (Teega Suite)
07-5099965 (Teega Residence)

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