Form 1 (STR Agent/Operator Registration) Enforcement

Date : 24th October 2019
To : Teega Short Term Rental (STR) Agents/Operators/Guests
From : The Management

Dear STR Agents/Operators/Guests,

Ref : Form 1 (STR Agent/Operator Registration) Enforcement

By the order of Joint Management Body of Menara Teega, Form 2(STR Guests Registration) shall not be processed if Form 1(with Deposit) is not submitted to Management before 1st November 2019.


Security Guard shall not allow STR Guest registration and entry to the premise if Form 2 is not being processed by Management.

Should you have any enquiry or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the management during working hours or email :

Thanks for your attention.

David Lim

Residential Manager

Contact Number  :
07-5539868 (Suites) /
07-5099965 (Residence)

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