Short Term Rental Activities in Teega (Updated)

Date : 25 April 2020
To : STR Operators / Agents
From : The Management

Dear STR Operators & Agents,

REF : Short Term Rental Activities in Teega (updated)

In view of the official announcement by Prime Minister Office on 17th March 2020 and subsequent update on 23th April 2020, the Management shall take the following measures (for all STR guests & visitors) starting from 18th March 2020 to 12th May 2020 as follows;

  • STR guests & visitors must be confined in the unit during the quarantine period. Food delivery is allowed.

  • STR guests & visitors are not allowed to use common facilities such as swiming pool, gymnasium and changing room.

  • No new booking is allowed after 18th March 2020. Management shall stop processing the Form2.

Should you have any enquiry or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Management at 07-287 7303 (Residences)/07-287 7313 (Suites) during office hours.

Thanks for your cooperation.

By the order of
The Management of Badan Pengurusan Bersama Menara Teega

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