Introducing the VOLUNTEER SMARTPHONE PATROL (VSP) app by our Royal Malaysia Police 

If you happen to come across, observe, see, hear or know about a certain crime/vice in action, but you are :-
– Afraid to lodge a police report
– Do not know who to report to
– Afraid that your identity is exposed
– Do not have time to visit a nearby police station to report the incident
– No nearby police station to go to

Therefore, to resolve the issues above, Royal Malaysia Police Force have taken the initiative to make it easier for civilians to direct any criminal-vice information using the app Volunteer Smartphone Patrol(VSP).

Once you as registered as the VSP member, the entitlements are as follow :-
– Free registration
– Able to share information to RMP easily without the need to visit the station
– Your identity will remain anonymous
– Action and response time will be more efficient

So, let’s not wait any further.
With this feature, we can contribute to the society and to help our authority to make our community a safer place to live in..

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