Teega Family 2.0 WhatsApp Chatgroup

Date : 22nd October 2020
To : Teega Parcel Owners
From : The Management

Dear Valued Parcel Owners,

REF : Teega Family 2.0 WhatsApp Chatgroup

Pursuant to 2nd JMB(3rd term) Meeting Minutes, item 2.3 ; Teega Family 2.0 shall be the official chatgroup (managed by JMC members) for Teega parcel owners to participate and to discuss matters related to Teega.

If you are keen to join the Teega Family 2.0 CG, please get in touch with the Management for the arrangement.

However, any official communication or escalations related to common areas shall still be through community portal or teega.general@teega.com.my.

Should you have any enquiry or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the management at 07-287 7303 (Residences) / 07-287 7313 (Suites) during office hours.

Thanks for your cooperation.

By the order of
The Management of Badan Pengurusan Bersama Menara Teega

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