COVID-19 Positive Case Reported

Date : 3rd January 2021
To : All Residents
From : The Management

Dear Valued Residents,

REF : COVID-19 Positive Case Reported

The Management have just received a report from our registered long term rental (LTR) tenant informing that his COVID-19 PCR test report was positive and the same result for his other colleague.

Hence, we have informed the affected unit tenants to self-quarantine pending for the Ministry of Health (KKM) to take the next action plan.

The affected tenants had clarified that the infection was linked to external factors (out of Teega) and had agreed to stay-put in their units until KKM arrives.

Therefore, we would like to remind all residents to stay calm and adhere to all our COVID-19 prevention SOP.

  1. Mandatory to wear a proper face mask at all time when at common property.
  2. Mandatory to scan MySejahtera QR Code or Teega QR Code.
  3. Mandatory to perform body temperature check if exceeding 37.5⁰C , please seek for medical assistance.
  4. No social gathering at common areas and a minimum of 1.5meter social distancing is mandatory.
  5. Wash or sanitize your hands when exiting/entering your unit and when using the common facilities.

Nevertheless,  the cooperation from residents are needed to comply with Teega additional by-laws & SOP in order to ensure the peaceful and safe communal living environment.

The Management shall continue to ensure disinfection is conducted at the common areas (Lift, Lift Lobby,  Facilities, etc. ) every 3 hours. A full sanitization work shall be executed immediately once the the affected tenants are escorted away by KKM.

We have taken this proactive step to inform all owners / tenants of this Covid-19 incident so as to avoid speculation / fake news / unwarranted rumours and panic.

The Management shall continue to update residents from time to time on the progress of this incident.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

By the order of

The Management of Badan Pengurusan Bersama Menara Teega

Contact Number  : 07-287 7313 (Teega Suite)

                               :  07-287 7303 (Teega Residence)                    

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