Moving Out Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) Enforcement

Date : 7th January 2020
To : Teega Residents
From : The Management

Dear Valued Residents,

REF : Moving Out Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) Enforcement

Please be informed that  we have managed to prevent a “theft” situation on 6th January 2021, special thanks  to our security personnel (BGS Security)’s prompt actions.
The registered long term rental (LTR) tenants had completed the move-out form (Form 6) with the Management. However, the tenants’ intention of moving out all the furniture and electrical appliances were stopped by security personnel. The Management have liased with the agent representative immediately to mitigate the situation and on the next course of action.

In view of the recent incident, The Management shall enforce  the “Move-Out” SOP as below:

  1. Landlord/Authorized Agents must be physical around during tenant’s move-out.
  2. Form 6 is mandatory to be signed of by landlord or authorized agent (with authorization letter from landlord) for moving out purpose.
    Form 6 can be downloaded from the following link ;
  3. Registered LTR tenants must provide the items inventory list for moving out.

Hence, we would like to remind parcel owners(landlord) to submit your tenancy agreement to the Management as it is your obligation under Teega Additional By-Laws. It will assist us to be the first line of defence to prevent any similar incident from happening.

Should you have any enquiry or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Management at 07-287 7303 (Residences)/07-287 7313 (Suites) during office hours.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

By the order of
The Management of Badan Pengurusan Bersama Menara Teega

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